8 Career Options For Digital Communication Majors

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    career options for digital communication majors

    What Is One Career Option For A Digital Communication Or Media Multimedia Major?

    To help you identify the career options available to digital communication or similar majors, we asked CEOs and other business leaders this question for their best advice. From Technical SEO Specialist to Online Editor, there are several career options open to digital communication or media multimedia majors that you may pursue a rewarding experience.

    Here Are Eight Career Options For Digital Communication Majors:

    • Technical SEO Specialist
    • Campaign Manager or Other Managerial Position
    • Advertising Copywriter
    • Marketing
    • Journalism
    • Content strategist
    • Blogger
    • Online Editor

    Technical SEO Specialist

    As long as Google exists, there will be a need for people to specialize in search engine optimization (SEO).

    This requires a blend of both technology and writing skills. The career opportunities could be freelancing, or working for an agency or a large company with an in-house digital marketing team.

    In highly competitive industries, technical SEO is needed when organic (non-paid content marketing) SEO is insufficient. Some examples of highly competitive industries are anything financial, health and wellness, consumer products, Real Estate, and technology.

    Giselle Aguiar
    Giselle AguiarDigital Marketing Consultant, AZ Social Media Wiz

    Campaign Manager or Other Managerial Position

    A digital communication or media multimedia major would make a good manager. For instance, a communication major would make a great campaign manager. They would have the skills to help a politician communicate a message to the masses and put together a multimedia presentation convincing voters to choose the politician at the polls. Social media managers also have the skills to communicate on social media sites and make visually compelling graphics for brands to use for marketing.

    Janice Wald
    Janice WaldBlogger, Mostly Blogging

    Advertising Copywriter

    An advertising copywriter is one of the best career options for a media multimedia major candidate. If you're able to demonstrate logic, imagination, and creativity, working as an advertising copywriter could be a top-notch option. This career option's role generally works alongside an art director within the creative department of media, advertising, or a full-service agency.

    They work with client briefs to conceive, create, and generate efficient advertising campaigns. The job responsibilities will be presenting ideas to clients and colleagues, liaising with clients, explaining their briefs, and making creative concepts in partnership with the art director.

    Caroline Lee, CocoSign


    A digital communication major could consider a career in marketing. Marketing is the process of creating value for a company through the creation and distribution of products or services. In order to create value, a marketer must understand consumer behavior and what motivates people to buy things.

    A digital communication degree would give you the skills you need to understand how to reach consumers through various channels like social media, websites, and email campaigns.

    You would also learn how to create effective advertising and branding strategies.

    Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD


    The journalism space is dominated by those with an aptitude and flair for digital communication platforms. If that’s your niche, you have a leg up on others entering the field. So many journalism and communication majors are taking the traditional route, even though the print and TV products are declining in readership and viewership. The audience is found on digital platforms.

    There is a growing number of outlets, local and national, that have been created solely for digital audiences. Go find those outlets, build up a portfolio of digital clips (even if they’re just blog entries) and apply for any job you think you’d be a good fit for.

    Joel Jackson
    Joel JacksonCo-Founder, Lifeforce

    Content Strategist

    A media multimedia major can work as a content strategist to help businesses market more effectively. Content creators are needed in droves to help companies perform better on social media, create branded content and messaging, and create content that better adheres to SEO strategy.

    Digital marketing is a booming industry for content creation and social media. Not all media-based content is created equal, but different companies need different, specialized content styles that keep competition in the field relatively low. Working in content creation will also give you peripheral skills and experience to further develop your career, especially in digital marketing. Often there are versatile opportunities, both laterally and upward, to grow in this field so it’s worth exploring if you want to work closely with business owners on their marketing efforts.

    Tom Mohr
    Tom MohrFounder, Tom Mohr


    One great career option for a digital communication or media multimedia major is to become a blogger. The best part is that you can start your blog while still in college! Many people are under the assumption that blogging is dead. However, blogs are a very popular medium that isn't going away anytime soon. Anytime someone Googles something, they land on a site and that site provides them with information.

    The site they land on is a website or blog! Bloggers can make money through affiliate partnerships, on-site advertisements, sponsored content, or through products they create (ebooks, courses, physical products, etc.)

    Blogging is a great career that provides flexibility, room to grow, and countless learning opportunities!

    Macy Westlund
    Macy WestlundWellness Expert, Macy Michelle

    Online Editor

    One good career option for a digital communication or media multimedia major is to become an online editor. Every company has a website that needs constant updating and new content. This is a perfect job for someone into digital work. That type of option is also good for those who want to work in news. There are many new news pages online and all of them need new stories and pictures uploaded hourly as well as digital design.

    Arun Narang, Smile by Design Dental