How Does Creative Use of Social Media Help Amplify Content Marketing Efforts?


    How Does Creative Use of Social Media Help Amplify Content Marketing Efforts?

    In the dynamic world of content marketing, we've gathered the unique perspectives of Digital Marketers and CEOs to explore creative social media strategies. From repurposing content for better engagement to engaging in niche online communities, discover sixteen inventive tactics that have proven successful in amplifying marketing efforts.

    • Repurpose Content for Engagement
    • Leverage User-Generated Stories
    • Utilize LinkedIn for Long-Term Stickiness
    • Inject Personality into Social Media
    • Interview Industry Experts for Credibility
    • Showcase Real-Time Social Proof
    • Create a Hashtag for User Content
    • Engage with Your Community
    • Publish Bite-Sized Visual Content
    • Collaborate with Influencers on Live Media
    • Host Informative Q&A Sessions
    • Choose Effective Social Platforms
    • Host Contests to Boost Engagement
    • Orchestrate Engaging Live Sessions
    • Craft Interactive Polls and Quizzes
    • Engage in Niche Online Communities

    Repurpose Content for Engagement

    Content repurposing is an often overlooked yet critical aspect of social media amplification. At Dog with Blog, we break down the content into bite-sized posts and sprinkle them with interactive elements to ignite engagement and gather insights. Similarly, embracing user-generated content goes a long way in building a vibrant community around the brand. Imagine the power of followers sharing heartwarming experiences, like photos of their adopted pets, tagging your brand along the way. Collaborating with influencers in your niche adds a credibility boost and expands your reach to new audiences. Combine these strategies to create a dynamic content ecosystem that supercharges your digital marketing efforts.

    Abhishek Joshi
    Abhishek JoshiDigital Marketer, Dog with Blog

    Leverage User-Generated Stories

    One innovative social media strategy I've used to boost our content marketing efforts is to leverage user-generated content. For example, we launched a campaign encouraging our clients to share stories about their success with our services, tagging us and using a specific hashtag. We then shared these stories through our profiles and content. This approach enriched our content with real-world examples of our impact and significantly increased engagement and reach by creating a sense of community that resonated with current and potential clients.

    Shay Berman
    Shay BermanPresident, Digital Resource

    Utilize LinkedIn for Long-Term Stickiness

    LinkedIn can be a powerful social media tool to help amplify your content-marketing efforts. We have utilized it to share valuable pieces of content with our customers, prospects, and with our sales team. This has helped us become more sticky with our customers and keep them with us long-term.

    Marshall Weber
    Marshall WeberCMO, Stor-It

    Inject Personality into Social Media

    Having fun with it is essential. The biggest pet peeve of mine when it comes to a company's social media is when it's just the same as everyone else's, and it seems like they're only doing it to check boxes and they don't actually care about it. If all I see are a few posts per month celebrating holidays and things like awareness days, I don't even know why those companies bother. No one is following, sharing, or engaging with that content. So, if you're going to use social media, at least do something creative with it and have fun. Make some memes. Have a personality. If you're not going to, don't worry so much about it and spend your time and resources elsewhere that will be more effective and get more engagement.

    Travis Schreiber
    Travis SchreiberDirector of Operations, Erase Technologies

    Interview Industry Experts for Credibility

    One particularly creative strategy that has significantly amplified our content marketing and social media efforts at Marquet Media is interviewing other industry experts. By engaging with thought leaders, influencers, and other notable figures, we create rich, insightful content that naturally garners attention and encourages shares across social platforms, most notably Instagram. This approach does more than populate our channels with high-quality content; it leverages the networks and followers of the interviewees.

    When these experts share the interviews with their audiences, it boosts our content’s reach and enhances our credibility by association. The result is a compounded effect of increased visibility and engagement, which drives traffic back to our platforms and strengthens our brand’s presence in the market. Additionally, this method builds community and collaboration, positioning our brand as a connector and a resource within the industry. This enriches the content we produce and builds lasting relationships that can lead to further partnerships and opportunities. This strategy has proven to be a dynamic tool in our content marketing arsenal, effectively amplifying our reach and impact.

    Kristin Kimberly Marquet
    Kristin Kimberly MarquetFounder and Creative Director, Marquet Media

    Showcase Real-Time Social Proof

    An ingenious social media tactic that has significantly enhanced our content marketing involves leveraging the principle of social proof. By showcasing real-time updates on the number of purchases and orders for our products directly to our website visitors, we've witnessed remarkable results in boosting sales. This strategy capitalizes on the psychological phenomenon wherein individuals tend to trust and follow the actions of others. Witnessing a steady stream of purchases fosters confidence and credibility in our offerings, which amplifies the effectiveness of our marketing endeavors.

    Thomas Griffin
    Thomas GriffinCo-Founder & President, OptinMonster

    Create a Hashtag for User Content

    We amplified our content marketing efforts through strategic use of social media, focusing on user-generated content. We encouraged our customers to share their experiences using our products by creating a dedicated hashtag. This approach provided us with a continuous stream of authentic content that not only engaged our audience but also showcased our product's capabilities in real-world scenarios. We leveraged social media features like Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, and Twitter threads to share high-quality user content. This kept our feeds fresh and engaging.

    Additionally, we ran contests and challenges, motivating users to submit their best photos and videos, which increased interaction across our channels. Partnering with influencers in relevant fields also expanded our reach. These influencers shared their experiences with our products, helping to build trust and credibility among potential customers.

    We made a point to feature standout user-generated content on our official social media accounts and in our advertising campaigns. This not only minimized our production costs but also inspired more customers to participate, hoping to see their content featured. By turning our customers into brand ambassadors, we've expanded our reach and strengthened our community, driving sales and enhancing our brand image through genuine, customer-centric content.

    Benjamin Rojas
    Benjamin RojasCo-Founder, All in One SEO

    Engage with Your Community

    One way we use social media to improve our content marketing efforts is through engaging with our community. We have a Facebook group with close to 100,000 followers where we talk about all things WordPress, marketing, and website building. I've found that this helps us stay connected with our audience and allows us to share our latest and greatest blog posts and videos. We've seen traffic increase across all of our sites since we first started our group. If you don't have a community of your own, create one and start getting involved with other similar groups. Build your reputation as someone who is professional, knowledgeable, and willing to help, and you'll see your group grow.

    John Turner
    John TurnerFounder, SeedProd

    Publish Bite-Sized Visual Content

    I've been amplifying my content marketing efforts through social media by leveraging relevant platforms to publish and share bite-sized visual content. Whether it's through stories, shorts, or status updates, different social media platforms have been helping me generate traction and create a buzz around my brand. People generally prefer consuming visual content over text. And since they're bombarded with tons of content by brands and independent content creators on a day-to-day basis, it's becoming difficult for them to stay focused throughout the length of long-form content published. Sharing bite-sized content not only helps me boost the traffic referred by relevant platforms but also grows my social media followers over time. This has been fueling brand awareness and helping me score quality leads.

    Stephanie Wells
    Stephanie WellsCo-founder and CTO, Formidable Forms

    Collaborate with Influencers on Live Media

    One creative use of social media that has helped amplify our content marketing efforts is collaborating with the right influencers through live videos and podcasts. By collaborating with influencers who align with our niche, we've been able to cast a wider net and amplify brand awareness. Pairing with the right influencers has not only helped us cultivate trust but also enabled us to leverage their respective audiences and educate them about our brand. This has also helped us boost engagement and bond with the audience on a deeper level by answering their questions or concerns. It has also amplified our reach, making it possible for us to promote our brand through different platforms, not just ours but also the influencers'.

    Jared Atchison
    Jared AtchisonCo-Founder, WPForms

    Host Informative Q&A Sessions

    We've used Q&A sessions to support and increase our content marketing. Instagram Live and Facebook Live help us engage directly with our audience, answer their questions, and provide valuable insights related to our niche. These Q&A sessions foster a sense of community and trust, and they generate valuable user-generated content that can be repurposed for future marketing efforts. For your business, start by announcing scheduled Q&A sessions on your social media channels and encouraging your audience to submit questions in advance. During the live session, be transparent, authentic, and informative in your responses, demonstrating your expertise and building rapport with your audience. Finally, consider repackaging highlights from the Q&A sessions into content pieces for ongoing engagement and promotion.

    Syed Balkhi
    Syed BalkhiCo-Founder, WPBeginner

    Choose Effective Social Platforms

    I do not really subscribe to the strategy of having a presence in every social media outlet out there. For example, I do not use Meta Threads or Instagram for business use. I am already happy with X/Twitter, LinkedIn, and my blogs, as well as articles in well-known publications. Occasionally, I do interviews on CNBC, etc., but these are mainstream media outlets. Being too spread out does not really work. At some point, you will just need to pick a few platforms where you will spend most of your time and effort to be effective.

    Zain Jaffer
    Zain JafferCEO, Zain Ventures

    Host Contests to Boost Engagement

    We use online contests to amplify our content on social media because everyone loves the chance to win a fabulous prize! I usually host one giveaway per quarter and award winners with an annual license for our software. The key to getting more people to see your content is to establish rules that encourage sharing, commenting, and visiting your site. By giving people multiple ways to enter, they can do as many or as few as they want. If the entry methods are fairly easy, most people will do them all if it means more than one chance to win. All of this engagement helps boost our presence, which means more people see our posts.

    Daman Jeet Singh
    Daman Jeet SinghCEO, FunnelKit

    Orchestrate Engaging Live Sessions

    A dynamic approach we've embraced on social media to elevate our content marketing involves orchestrating engaging live sessions. Leveraging platforms like Instagram Live or Facebook Live, we host interactive Q&A sessions, exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, and captivating product demonstrations in real-time. These immersive experiences not only foster direct interaction with our audience but also spark anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding our brand and content. Moreover, they generate compelling, shareable content that extends the reach and resonance of our marketing initiatives long after the live sessions conclude.

    Josh Kohlbach
    Josh KohlbachCEO & Founder, Wholesale Suite

    Craft Interactive Polls and Quizzes

    Discovering an innovative strategy that has propelled our content-marketing efforts on social media involves crafting captivating polls and quizzes. We regularly roll out entertaining polls that tap into industry trends or niche topics, inviting our followers to participate and express their perspectives. Complementing this, we curate engaging quizzes tailored to our brand and offerings, delivering both enjoyment and enlightenment. These interactive features not only drive engagement and foster community engagement but also furnish invaluable insights into our audience's preferences, empowering us to refine our content-marketing strategy with precision.

    Andrew Munro
    Andrew MunroFounder & President, AffiliateWP

    Engage in Niche Online Communities

    One innovative approach I'm trying right now is leveraging the power of niche forums and communities within large social media platforms, such as subreddits on Reddit or niche groups on Facebook. By engaging and sharing tailored content in these communities, I've been able to tap into pre-existing groups of engaged users with specific interests closely aligned with the content I was marketing. This method requires genuine participation and value addition to the discussions rather than just straightforward promotion. Over time, this strategy has helped in building credibility and a sense of community around our brand, leading to increased traffic from these platforms as members started to share our content organically within and outside the platform. It’s a strategy that demands patience and authenticity but pays off by creating a loyal user base that's highly engaged with our content.

    Blair Williams
    Blair WilliamsCEO, MemberPress