What Are Examples of Evergreen Content that Consistently Perform Well for a Digital Marketing Manager?

    As a Content Marketing Strategist, what's one piece of evergreen content that has consistently performed well, and why do you think that is?

    Diving into the realm of content that stands the test of time, we've gathered insights from ten content marketing strategists and managers. They share their secrets on crafting evergreen content, from the engaging power of “How-To” guides to the consistent lead generation of email marketing guides. Discover the strategies behind content that continues to perform well year after year.

    • Harness How-To Guides for Engagement
    • Connect Early with Problem-Focused Content
    • Practical Guides Attract Readers
    • Update Content to Stay Relevant
    • Blog Articles Offer Long-Term Traffic
    • Address Universal Problems for Engagement
    • Seasonal Guides with Year-Round Traffic
    • Email Marketing Guide Drives Consistent Leads
    • Curated Lists Serve as Authoritative Resources
    • Trend Analysis Clarifies Industry Uncertainty

    Harness How-To Guides for Engagement

    A surefire way to consistently bring eyeballs to your content is the “how-to” guide method. How-to guides are an effective and timeless way to empower your audience with the skills they need to grow and quickly equip them with practical information. This is a great way to attract audiences who are in the search phase of a journey.

    For example, I published a how-to video on YouTube about “How to Make Audiograms in Canva” that harnessed over 28,000 views. I was able to repurpose that video for other social media platforms, my website, and email list. Still, to this day, people are commenting and subscribing to my website as a result of the value they received from that one video. I chose a topic that people are still searching for today and provided a funnel for them to stay in touch and continue to learn from me if they found value in the content.

    Whitney BarkleyMaster Content Marketing Strategist, Speakerazzi

    Connect Early with Problem-Focused Content

    I love to connect with a targeted audience early in their awareness cycle, when they realize they have a problem. Problem-focused content tends to have a longer shelf life than the solution-based content that follows.

    Connecting with your prospects at that early stage not only gives you the opportunity to empathize with them but also allows you an opportunity to “agitate” their situation, propelling them forward through the entire awareness journey. If you can gain their trust from the beginning, and continue to provide valuable content, you have the advantage over your competition.

    Larry KeinerContent Marketing Strategist

    Practical Guides Attract Readers

    One type of evergreen content that has consistently performed well is "How-to" guides. These guides, whether they're about fixing common household issues, cooking recipes, or tech tutorials, always seem to draw in readers.

    The reason is pretty simple: they provide practical, timeless value. People always need to learn how to do stuff, and they appreciate clear, step-by-step instructions. Plus, these guides often get shared a lot because people love to help out their friends and family by passing along useful information. That's why "How-to" guides remain a solid bet in content marketing.

    Madalsa BhatContent marketing startegist

    Update Content to Stay Relevant

    For one of our orthopedic clients, we created a piece of blog content based on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We've previously created various guides that relate to their specific service offerings, but this piece stands the test of time compared to everything else we've created for them.

    In fact, traffic has increased year over year for the past couple of years, which is something we never expected when putting the piece together.

    There are two reasons why this article continues to do well: consistent updates and using Google's “People Also Ask” to our advantage. When we created the piece, we wanted to develop an in-depth guide that provided useful answers to people seeking information about carpal tunnel. Considering most people searching for terms around this subject matter might be in pain, suffering, and looking for answers, it was integral we created content that was factual, useful, and easily digestible.

    When laying out the organization of the piece, we focused on answering the top questions on the “People Also Ask” tabs, considering those are the questions people want answers to.

    The other reason for the success of the article is tied to the fact that we update the piece fairly consistently to coincide with new questions being asked (whether by actual patients or just Google) and any new treatment options.

    At its core, the reason why this piece succeeds is that we've taken the time to create something very specific to our audience that provides invaluable information about a sensitive subject.

    Garrett Carlson
    Garrett CarlsonContent Marketing Manager, The Loop Marketing

    Blog Articles Offer Long-Term Traffic

    Blog articles consistently have staying power. Once you post a blog article, it lives on the internet for around two years, just sitting and waiting for the next person to read it. Time and time again, I'll put in a search term in Google, and up pops an article from two to three years ago.

    If you want a quick win, go to TikTok or Instagram. If you want slow-burn content that brings in traffic for years to come—write a valuable, search-engine-optimized blog post.

    Beth Chernes
    Beth ChernesCopywriter & SEO Strategist, Beth Chernes Copy & Strategy

    Address Universal Problems for Engagement

    The “Write Summaries that Stick” blog post on Traverse consistently gets a lot of engagement. I think it's because it tackles a core problem many people face—the forgetting curve. By highlighting a unique way of encoding information, the post offers a concrete solution that's both actionable and backed by science.

    Furthermore, providing a step-by-step guide on how to create summaries that aid in long-term retention adds to its practical value. Lastly, this post resonates with a wide audience, from students looking to study more effectively to professionals wanting to remember business material better. It's a testament to how creating content that addresses a universal problem can result in high-performing, evergreen content.

    Dominic Zijlstra
    Dominic ZijlstraFounder, Adaptify AI

    Seasonal Guides with Year-Round Traffic

    One piece of evergreen content that consistently performs well is the growing-guide series we developed for The Old Farmer's Almanac. Despite being seasonal, these comprehensive guides continuously drive traffic, year over year. They are consistently updated to stay relevant, which I believe is a big reason for their success.

    Also, Grammarly's blog post series focused on writing advice and grammar tips has proved to be a timeless resource. It continuously draws in people searching Google for writing solutions. The key is that it offers unique value and addresses a common pain point—improving writing skills. Its high performance demonstrates the importance of understanding your audience and creating content that meets their needs and interests.

    Steve Pogson
    Steve PogsonFounder, First Pier

    Email Marketing Guide Drives Consistent Leads

    One piece of evergreen content that has consistently performed well is our in-depth guide on how to generate leads through email marketing. This guide features actionable tips and strategies and has proven to be a valuable resource for our audience. The reason for its consistent performance? Email marketing remains a timeless and cost-effective marketing tactic, making this guide relevant and valuable no matter the changing trends in the digital marketing landscape.

    For instance, we detailed methods on growing your email list, choosing the right email marketing service, and improving email open rates, all backed up with real-life examples and data. At the end of the day, the key is to provide practical, useful, and data-driven content that addresses the pain points of your audience. This guide nailed that, and as a result, it continues to generate traffic and engagement.

    Matthew Montez
    Matthew MontezFounder, The MBC Group

    Curated Lists Serve as Authoritative Resources

    The standout evergreen content that's consistently shone in my experience often revolves around “Ultimate List” or “Comprehensive Resource” formats. These pieces compile exhaustive, curated collections of tools, resources, or expert insights within a specific niche or industry.

    Their enduring performance is attributed to their utility—they provide a one-stop destination for audiences seeking a wealth of information, saving time and effort in their search. These comprehensive pieces position our brand as an authoritative source, attracting continuous organic traffic and backlinks while catering to the perennial curiosity of our audience, thus ensuring their sustained performance over time.

    Natalia Tomchyshyn
    Natalia TomchyshynMarketing director, Relokia

    Trend Analysis Clarifies Industry Uncertainty

    Evergreen content that performs well makes sense of uncertainty, such as in the case of exploring trends and predictions. People are striving to make sense of uncertainty and ever-evolving trends, and these pieces help provide clarity on where various sectors or industries may be headed.

    Additionally, content that explains or informs people about a topic or issue they wish to learn more about performs well. An article, case study, podcast, and so on—especially one featuring an expert view—can be leveraged to help others better understand what's happening in the industry.

    Jacqueline DiChiara
    Jacqueline DiChiaraContent Strategist