What Role Does Content Curation Play in a Digital Marketing Manager's Strategy?


    What Role Does Content Curation Play in a Digital Marketing Manager's Strategy?

    In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, content curation can be a game-changer. We've gathered insights from a Senior Content Manager to a Founder, revealing how they've successfully integrated content curation into their strategies. From leveraging 'Exclaimer's Content Curation Strategy' to building authority with 'Curated Sports Safety Content', here are twelve compelling accounts that underscore the impact of content curation.

    • Exclaimer's Content Curation Strategy
    • Curated Content Hubs Boost SEO
    • Thought Leadership Through Curated Content
    • Content Curation Saves Time and Resources
    • Curated Content Increases LinkedIn Engagement
    • Curated Content Supports Product Launch
    • Critical Reviews Attract Attention and Expertise
    • Targeted Landing Pages Drive Traffic and Leads
    • Curated Content Fosters Community for Events
    • Content Curation Enhances SEO and Engagement
    • Curated Fact-Check Articles Raise Brand Awareness
    • Curated Sports Safety Content Builds Authority

    Exclaimer's Content Curation Strategy

    Content curation is key to Exclaimer's marketing strategy. We regularly produce a wide variety of content for our community, including blogs, case studies, videos, podcasts, testimonials, events, and user guides, all available in our extensive resource center. With such an abundance of high-quality content, effective curation is vital for creating engaging marketing assets like newsletters, social media updates, and customer success stories. It also helps us connect with different target audiences, from prospects and customers to channel partners and the media. Lately, we've focused on promoting our Partner Network to welcome new channel partners to Exclaimer. Crafting the right marketing materials mostly involved curating content to showcase the key benefits of our product.

    Rob Clegg
    Rob CleggSenior Content Manager, Exclaimer

    Curated Content Hubs Boost SEO

    I worked with a startup focused on offering environmentally-friendly solutions for homes. Being a new company, our priority was to build trust and effectively connect with our audience. Due to budget constraints for content creation, we opted to integrate content curation into our strategy. Our curated content hubs gained rapid popularity, leading to increased visitor engagement and longer site visits as users explored multiple pages. Regular updates of new content significantly boosted our SEO efforts, resulting in improved search engine rankings for key relevant terms.

    Dionne Jayne Ricafort
    Dionne Jayne RicafortMarketing Manager, CSO Yemen

    Thought Leadership Through Curated Content

    Enhancing thought leadership involves curating and sharing insightful content from industry experts to position your brand as a trusted authority. This builds credibility and establishes your brand as a go-to source for valuable information, exemplified by HubSpot’s marketing blog. Curated content also drives engagement and fosters a sense of community, as seen with TED-Ed’s YouTube channel, which encourages viewer interaction. Additionally, curating reputable content boosts SEO by earning high-quality backlinks through a strategy of reciprocation.

    Personalizing the customer experience with curated content that aligns with specific interests can increase satisfaction and loyalty. Finally, incorporating curated content diversifies content calendars, keeping the audience engaged with a mix of articles, videos, and infographics from reputable sources.

    Jason Vaught
    Jason VaughtDirector of Content, SmashBrand

    Content Curation Saves Time and Resources

    Content curation can be a cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy for several reasons. First, content curation can save time and resources by leveraging existing content rather than creating everything from scratch. This doesn't mean you should only leverage content curation, but mixing your own content with others' can help you stay relevant to your audience, share other perspectives, and give you a way to keep your marketing channels fresh with content without the heavy lifting of new content creation. This efficiency allows marketers to focus more on strategy and quality.

    Next, curated content enhances credibility and authority by showcasing a brand's expertise and understanding of industry trends. It's important to share outside perspectives because it shows the breadth of knowledge of your organization and that you are staying updated on industry trends and other experts, and sharing that with your followers. By sharing valuable insights and perspectives from trusted sources, brands can build trust with their audience. Finally, content curation fosters engagement and community interaction. By curating content that resonates with their audience's interests and concerns, brands can spark discussions, encourage sharing, and strengthen relationships with their followers. This engagement not only increases brand visibility but also helps in cultivating a loyal following.

    Elyse Flynn Meyer
    Elyse Flynn MeyerOwner & Founder, Prism Global Marketing Solutions

    Curated Content Increases LinkedIn Engagement

    In our effort to highlight our industry expertise, we often curated content from other leading marketing and advertising publications on LinkedIn.

    We share industry-breaking news, thought-leader content, high-quality infographics that we find, and videos that align with our services and industry trends.

    With a consistent approach to sharing high-quality content, we've gained new followers, which has led to improved engagement metrics.

    Ben Hilton
    Ben HiltonFounder & Managing Director, Switch Jam Digital

    Curated Content Supports Product Launch

    We implemented a content-curation strategy during a product-launch campaign. By aggregating and sharing third-party articles, case studies, and whitepapers that highlighted the benefits and applications of our new product category, we educated our audience and built anticipation. This curated content complemented our original content, providing a comprehensive view of the product's potential impact. The result was a well-informed customer base that was more receptive to our marketing messages, leading to higher interest and a successful product launch.

    Vaibhav Kakkar
    Vaibhav KakkarCEO, Digital Web Solutions

    Critical Reviews Attract Attention and Expertise

    Last year, we conducted a comprehensive and critical review of Copyleaks' AI content detection software. We titled it "CopyLeaks AI Content Detector Review: Fact or Fiction?" At first, we weren't sure how much interest it would generate, but to our surprise, the blog post featuring our experiments to assess the tool's reliability became a big hit.

    It generated significant traffic to our website, and we even earned backlinks from other sites to that particular article. It turned out to be a great example of how well-curated content, even if critical, can attract attention and establish expertise.

    Rahul Vij
    Rahul VijCo Founder, WebSpero Solutions

    Targeted Landing Pages Drive Traffic and Leads

    We love creating landing pages on our website for each of our locations. Since we are dentists, we include all the information about the destination, including address, phone number, areas served, services at the location, and frequently asked questions for the location. We even have a list of everything that needs to be included on each page to ensure the user can conveniently see all the information they need.

    Once we started implementing this, we saw more traffic and qualified leads coming in because we targeted keywords that are relevant to the area. Additionally, our team tracks the progress of these pages using Google Analytics, so we can see how each location page is performing and understand how users are finding our content.

    Troy Walton
    Troy WaltonDirector of Growth, Murray Hill Dental

    Curated Content Fosters Community for Events

    Content curation has been a cornerstone in several of our successful marketing campaigns at Gotham Artists. One notable instance was during the launch of a new speaking series that aimed to highlight thought leaders across various industries.

    We meticulously curated content from multiple sources, including articles, TED Talks, and social media posts, aligned with the themes our speakers addressed. This strategy not only provided our audience with a wealth of diverse perspectives but also positioned our brand as a hub for quality, relevant information.

    By leveraging curated content, we were able to generate significant engagement and foster a community of informed and passionate followers, ultimately driving attendance and interest in our speaking events.

    Austin Benton
    Austin BentonMarketing Consultant, Gotham Artists

    Content Curation Enhances SEO and Engagement

    Content curation has been a crucial component of our marketing strategy. This approach has not only helped us keep our audience informed and engaged, but has also significantly enhanced our own SEO efforts by ensuring our site remains active and relevant.

    In the early stages of our strategy, we identified a gap in high-quality, actionable SEO advice that was directly applicable to our target market—small to medium-sized enterprises. We started curating content that addressed this gap by selecting high-quality articles, videos, and infographics from trusted sources within the SEO and broader digital marketing industry.

    Our blog also benefited from our curation efforts. We often wrote detailed analyses or summaries of the best practices and innovative strategies discussed in the content we curated. This not only provided value to our readers but also helped us target specific keywords, keeping our blog fresh and our website SEO-friendly.

    The impact of content curation was evident in the increased engagement metrics across platforms, higher website traffic, and, most importantly, the deepened trust and loyalty of our clients. By providing them with not just services but also valuable information, we've been able to establish ourselves as an authority in the SEO space.

    Sam Kadel
    Sam KadelFounder, KBA Web

    Curated Fact-Check Articles Raise Brand Awareness

    We partner with Spanish-speaking fact-check organizations and curate their articles as part of our content marketing at Jevas Combativas. As a partner, we receive a conveyor belt of articles that fact-check current events in social media and the news cycle, which we share and add our perspective on top of. We do this because our brand is passionate about educating and informing Latinos about disinformation.

    As a result, curating this content increases our brand awareness because we appear as partners on these sites, showcasing our platform on sites that receive thousands in monthly traffic.

    Iza Montalvo
    Iza MontalvoFounder & Director, Jevas Combativas

    Curated Sports Safety Content Builds Authority

    To achieve this, we implemented a strategy of curating high-quality content from industry experts, research publications, and influential sports safety blogs. We regularly shared this curated content on our social media platforms, newsletters, and blog, always adding our insights and commentary to highlight its relevance to our audience.

    For instance, we created a weekly roundup of the latest advancements in sports safety technology and injury prevention methods. This not only provided value to our audience by keeping them informed but also reinforced our brand’s authority and credibility in the field.

    One key takeaway from this campaign was the importance of adding value to curated content. Simply sharing articles wasn’t enough; we needed to contextualize the information, explaining why it mattered to our audience and how it related to our products. This approach significantly boosted our engagement rates and helped build a loyal community of followers who viewed us as a trusted resource in sports safety.

    Andries de Villiers
    Andries de VilliersFounder, Titan BattleGear