What Techniques Increase the Click-Through Rate On Marketing Emails?

    What's one technique you've used to increase the click-through rate on your marketing emails?

    In the quest to boost email engagement, we've gathered proven strategies from top marketing professionals, including Digital Marketing Specialists and CMOs. From leveraging UX-designed email templates to including engaging videos and images, explore the twelve diverse techniques these experts use to enhance click-through rates on marketing emails.

    • Leverage UX-Designed Email Templates
    • Build Trust with Subscribers
    • Create Urgency in Email Content
    • Align Subject Line with CTA
    • Personalize for User Experience
    • Highlight Keywords in Subject Line
    • Personalize Based on Recipient Data
    • Craft Compelling Subject Lines
    • Utilize AI for Email Optimization
    • Apply Audience Feedback Strategically
    • Use Plain Text for Natural Look
    • Include Engaging Videos and Images

    Leverage UX-Designed Email Templates

    George Panayides
    George PanayidesDigital Marketing Specialist, The Digital xx

    Build Trust with Subscribers

    I show up on the first page of Google for "Growth Hacking Newsletter"—so maximizing my emails' impact by increasing click-through rate is top of mind.

    An overlooked aspect of email marketing is trust. Email marketers are often quick to promote anything and everything in their niche. Additionally, many email marketers won't even respond to emails! Crazy.

    I focus heavily on building trust, and as a result, I get above-average CTRs. Here's what I do:

    1. I only promote items I use myself and that I know will greatly benefit my readers.

    2. I respond to every email. When somebody responds to my opt-in flow, I respond as well. When somebody says this week's email is amazing, I email back saying thank you. When they say it could have been better, I email asking for feedback. I want my readers to know I am real and I care.

    3. I'm hyper-present on other channels. I have a daily growth hacking podcast and make daily marketing videos for TikTok and Instagram. The podcast is especially great at building trust, and many readers of the newsletter also listen to the podcast.

    If an email marketer builds a record of solid link recommendations and a consistent appearance across channels, email click-through rates will be high.

    Edward Sturm
    Edward SturmFractional CMO, Edwardsturm.com

    Create Urgency in Email Content

    One tip we have used to increase the click-through rate on our marketing emails is to create urgency in the email. By creating urgency, you allow the user to make a decision right then and there. You can do this by using promotions, limited supply, etc. This will provide more value to your email and help create higher conversions and click-through rates.

    Marshall Weber
    Marshall WeberCMO, Stor-It

    Align Subject Line with CTA

    This technique is simple yet effective: match the subject line with the call to action.

    When the subject line and CTA align seamlessly or even mirror each other, it tends to grab the reader's attention and keep them engaged. It's like a natural progression in their buyer's journey.

    If the subject line sparks their interest and the CTA reinforces that promise, it's a winning combination. People are drawn to what they expect, so when they find it in the email, they're more likely to click through. It's a subtle but powerful way to drive engagement in your marketing emails.

    Desiree Grosman
    Desiree GrosmanCopywriter, Write At Home Mom

    Personalize for User Experience

    One primary technique that many digital marketing companies overlook when creating email marketing campaigns is forgetting the sole purpose of email campaigns: personalization. Email campaigns are a method of personal outreach; in the current marketing climate, many companies are simply sticking to their old ways of marketing with generic greetings such as 'newsletter updates' or 'special offers.' Instead of these bland titles, which for most users don't inspire even an open, email campaigns should directly invite the user, blending their users' on-site experience into this.

    For instance, rather than 'New Arrivals at [Your Store],' a recipient sees 'Surprise! Your Wishlist at [Your Store] is On Sale Now!' Suddenly, it's no longer just an email; it's a personal invitation, a curated experience just for them. There are multiple areas you can exploit for this strategy to work.

    For example, in e-commerce, you can leverage purchase history. For instance, if someone bought new sneakers, you can target their email with a subject line like 'Matching Jeans Just Arrived for Your New Kicks!'; this serves to upsell the user and offers direct value to them. Use triggers and events to exploit this strategy further, for instance, birthday and seasonal discounts. 'Happy Birthday, [Name]! Here's Your Gift from [Your Store].' or 'Get Cozy for Fall with [Special Offer] – Just for You, [Name].' It is important that with this strategy, effort is made to refine and segment your emailing lists constantly to align what level of personalization/offers are valued by which users, which can further aid campaign-wide CTR.

    Jordan Bridge
    Jordan BridgeDigital Marketing Analyst and Cyber Security Officer, Growthlabs

    Highlight Keywords in Subject Line

    A simple way to increase click-through rates is to use keywords in your subject line. I always make the best or most exciting adjective bold. Adding numbers or percentages can increase your open rates by almost 20%! These simple tricks have boosted my percentages greatly!

    Emily Falcone, MS
    Emily Falcone, MSMarketing Manager, SurvTech Solutions

    Personalize Based on Recipient Data

    Personalization is a powerful technique for boosting email click-through rates. Personalizing subject lines and content based on recipient data, such as their name, preferences, or past interactions, significantly boosts email click-through rates by creating a more engaging and relevant experience for the audience. Also, tailoring content to individual recipients based on their preferences, behavior, or demographics creates a more engaging and relevant experience, increasing the likelihood of clicks. This fosters a connection, making emails more relevant and engaging.

    Yogesh Kumar
    Yogesh KumarDigital Marketing Manager, HiCentrik

    Craft Compelling Subject Lines

    One technique that I've used to increase the click-through rate on my marketing emails is to use a compelling subject line. The subject line is the first thing that your recipients see when they receive your email, and it can make or break their decision to open it. A good subject line should capture their attention, spark their curiosity, and entice them to click.

    Some tips for writing effective subject lines are:

    • Use clear and concise language that conveys the value of your email.
    • Use personalization, such as the recipient's name, location, or industry.
    • Use urgency or scarcity, such as a limited-time offer or a deadline.
    • Use questions, numbers, or emojis to stand out from the crowd.
    • Use A/B testing to find out what works best for your audience.

    By using these tips, I've been able to improve my email open rates and click-through rates, and ultimately generate more leads and sales for my business.

    Bhavik Sarkhedi
    Bhavik SarkhediGrowth Head & CMO, Content Whale

    Utilize AI for Email Optimization

    A highly effective technique I know to be effective in boosting click-through rates in marketing emails is leveraging new AI marketing tools.

    These advanced tools analyze vast amounts of data to optimize the text and overall appeal of emails. By utilizing AI-driven insights, businesses can understand what resonates with their audience, enabling the creation of more compelling and personalized content. These tools go beyond intuition, providing concrete data on customer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. This data-driven approach allows for precise adjustments in language, design, and call-to-action elements, resulting in emails that are not only more appealing but also more likely to prompt click-throughs.

    Embracing AI in marketing enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of email campaigns by ensuring they are finely tuned to the preferences of the target audience.

    Josh Bluman
    Josh BlumanCo-Founder, Hoppy Copy

    Apply Audience Feedback Strategically

    No matter what our clients' goals are in email marketing, the click-through rate is one of the most vital aspects to consider. It's a key indicator of how effective your entire effort is. After all, the size of your audience and the efforts to build your email list are irrelevant if recipients don't engage with your message.

    At Barzler Social, we deeply understand this and use a holistic approach, applying insights from our audience's feedback to our email marketing strategies. Our collaboration with DermaMedics is a great example. We crafted each message to align directly with what the audience wants and needs to see. By integrating insights from their social media interactions and keeping every message focused on one goal, our emails transformed into personalized, relevant, and engaging narratives. This approach translated to direct results, generating over $12,000 in sales through a single campaign.

    Jessica Barzler
    Jessica BarzlerOwner, Barzler Social

    Use Plain Text for Natural Look

    Make it look less like an advertisement by using plain text. A typical marketing email looks like an ad. It has shiny images, bold headlines, and is full of CTAs. The recipient identifies it as an advertisement right away. The human 'ad filter' is trained by now. A marketing email will not overcome this barrier.

    That is why you need to make your email look natural, just like the one you receive from a work colleague or a friend. That means plain text, human language, and a reason to continue reading. You want to read an email because it is informative, financially valuable, important to me, funny, or entertaining.

    Convey exactly one thought and one topic. The times of 'weekly newsletters covering everything that has happened' are finally over.

    Stephan Wenger
    Stephan WengerFounder and Editor, B2B Marketing World

    Include Engaging Videos and Images

    One technique I've found effective in boosting the click-through rate on my marketing emails is to include engaging videos and images. Instead of solely focusing on sales, we encourage them to click and learn more. By doing so, we have not only increased click-through rates but also improved overall campaign performance.

    Diane Howard
    Diane HowardRN and Founder, Esthetic Finesse